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revvll PRO – High-End Rope Trainer

Experience endless possibilities with the revvll PRO, the ultimate rope workout solution. This versatile trainer offers countless exercise variations, catering to users of all levels with six resistance levels. Made in Germany with meticulous attention to detail, the revvll PRO ensures a safe and effective workout every time.

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Experience a revolutionary workout like never before with the revvll PRO rope trainer. This studio-quality device offers a full-body challenge with its 4m long, 25mm wide rope and six resistance settings. From pulling to pushing and rotating exercises, you’ll enhance strength and endurance while enjoying complete freedom of movement. Made in Germany for durability and quality, the Revvll PRO is a game-changer in rope training!

  • Unmatched innovation: The revvll PRO boasts a revolutionary design, offering unparalleled freedom of movement for rope training unlike any other device.
  • Lightweight and portable: With its compact design, the revvll PRO is effortlessly transportable, allowing for effective training anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy attachment: The rope trainer can be securely attached to various structures such as poles, climbing frames, or trees using the included anchor sling and carabiner.
  • Versatile exercise options: From pushing to pulling and rotating movements, the revvll PRO accommodates a wide range of exercises, with six manually adjustable resistance levels for customizable workouts.
  • Comprehensive fitness benefits: Experience full-body training with the revvll PRO, targeting coordination, mobility, endurance, and strength without compromising efficiency.
  • Professional-grade quality: Built to gym standards, the revvll PRO is suitable for personal trainers, fitness studios, and home users alike, offering durability and ease of use.
  • Easy maintenance: Featuring an anti-allergenic rope, the revvll PRO can be quickly and easily cleaned for hygiene and longevity.
  • Enhanced neuromuscular demand: Unlike traditional pull-ups, the revvll PRO challenges users with variable grip, increasing neuromuscular engagement for functional and efficient training.
  • German craftsmanship: Manufactured entirely in Germany, aerobis rope trainers adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring safety and effectiveness in every workout.

Size & Spec




4m Length (Endless Rope), 25mm Thickness




6 Levels


2 Years

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