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Gym Gear has a top-quality range of selectorised strength machines as part of our roster of strength equipment.

We offer the most versatile range of selectorised strength machines on the market including the Fortitude, Elite, Perform, Platinum, and Dual Series.

Benefit from either the Fortitude Series designed by fitness professionals to offer a premium range of strength equipment, the Elite Series offering style and durability or the Dual Series where space and or budget are limited.

Our selectorised strength machine collection features:

Dual Series

In the Dual Series, you’ll find calf raises, leg extension/curls, multi presses, lat pulldowns/low rows, pec fly/rear delts, bicep/triceps, ab/low backs, and inner/outer thighs, and more.

Perform Series

The Performance Series includes pec decks, seated leg curls, seated dips, torso rotations, back extensions, and more.

Platinum Series

In the Platinum Series, you’ll find chest presses, lat pulldowns, arm curls, leg extensions, seated leg curls, abductor/adductors, total hips, leg presses, shoulder presses, vertical rows, lateral raises, jungle multi gyms, dual adjustable pulleys, and much more.

Pro Series

This series includes squat racks, chin/dip/knee frames, Olympic incline benches, Olympic decline benches, Olympic flat benches, multi adjustable benches, 3 station multi gyms, dual adjustable pulleys, and cable crossovers.

View our full range of commercial strength equipment at Gym Gear and request a quote by clicking here.

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