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Weight Benches & Racks



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Weight Benches & Racks

Welcome to our diverse selection of weight benches, an indispensable component of any serious fitness routine. They’re more than just a place to sit or lay down during workouts – they’re a tool to augment your strength, enhance your form, and amplify the benefits you reap from your training sessions.

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts at any level, weight benches allow for a broad range of exercises targeting different muscle groups. From flat benches for classic bench presses to adjustable ones for incline and decline exercises, they cater to a wide array of strength-training needs. Moreover, using a weight bench can significantly improve your lifting form, reduce injury risks, and allow for greater weight capacity.

Our product range includes benches of various types and functionalities, sourced from the industry’s most trusted brands. We prioritise high-quality construction, stability, adjustability, and comfort to ensure you get the most out of your strength training sessions.


Sterling Series, Smith Machine / Half Rack Combo

Sterling Series, Multi Hyper Extension

Sterling Series, Elite Power Rack

Sterling Series, Elite Half Rack + Half Rack

Elite Series, Multi Adjustable Bench

Elite Series, Vertical Knee Raise

Pro Series, Olympic Incline Bench

Sterling Series, Glute Ham Bench

Sterling Series, Adjustable Bench


All of our strength is top-quality and can be used by people of all fitness levels. Our strength training collection is durable and premium-quality perfect for a commercial gym setting, a home gym setting, and for rehabilitation clinics.

We recommend that all commercial gym owners should choose a varied range of strength equipment, including benches and racks. Gym users will expect a quality, varied range of equipment for their workouts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are the benefits of using a weight bench?

A: A weight bench can improve the effectiveness of your strength training. It offers stability, improves form, allows for a wider range of exercises, and provides the ability to lift heavier weights safely. Regular use can lead to improved muscle mass, strength, and overall fitness.


Q2: Is a weight bench suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely. A weight bench is a fundamental piece of equipment for fitness enthusiasts at all levels, beginners included. It offers support and guidance in performing exercises correctly and safely.


Q3: What types of weight benches are there?

A: There are several types, including flat benches, adjustable benches, and Olympic benches. Flat benches are great for basic exercises, while adjustable benches offer more versatility with various incline and decline settings. Olympic benches are usually larger and designed for heavy-duty use.


Q4: How often should I use a weight bench?

A: The frequency depends on your fitness routine and goals. However, for balanced muscle development, it’s typically recommended to incorporate strength training with a weight bench into your routine 2-3 times a week.


Q5: Can weight benches be used for exercises other than weightlifting?

A: Yes, weight benches are incredibly versatile. Besides weightlifting, they can be used for bodyweight exercises like dips, step-ups, and more.


Q6: What should I consider when choosing a weight bench?

A: Key factors to consider include the bench’s durability, stability, adjustability, and comfort. The size of the bench should also fit comfortably within your workout space.



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