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Soft 3 in 1 Plyometric Box

The Gym Gear 3 -in-1 Soft Plyometric Box is the perfect functional fitness tool to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts develop explosive power and strength.

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Our 3 in 1 soft Plyobox offers the same versatility as our 3 in 1 wooden boxes, but with added durability and protective features. The space saving design offers 3 standard heights (20” / 24” / 30”) making this box a fantastic tool for a range of movements and exercises. The height markings are displayed on the box for easy visual recognition of what height the user is jumping to – valuable for beginners in particular. This plyo box is made from a soft, high-density impact absorbing foam and covered in durable, non-skid vinyl for significant wear and tear resistance. Its cushioned qualities also reduce the risk of injury during repetitive jumping exercises, and the box can be flipped to introduce different levels to progress your training.

Product Features

  • Compact design – 3 heights (20” / 24” / 30”)
  • Soft high density foam absorbs the impact of landing
  • Large platform area suitable for users of any size / age
  • Low maintenance design with non-skid, wipe clean vinyl
  • Ergonomic weight (32kg) provides a stable jumping platform
  • Clearly displayed height markings
  • Perfect for introducing beginners to plyometrics

Size & Spec



Product Weight

32kg / 70.5lbs

Product Code


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