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5 Types of Studio Gym Equipment to Step Up Your Fitness

Studio gyms are small but mighty. They’re usually smaller than standard commercial gyms, but pack a lot into the space and use equipment that doesn’t take up too much room but still help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re trying to kit out your studio gym, or just want to recreate the studio gym experience in your own home, we have all sorts of studio gym equipment available at Gym Gear.

Below are 5 types of studio gym equipment that we think are brilliant for making a big impact on your fitness.

Studio barbells

For weight training, studio barbells will certainly hit the mark. Because you can use them with multiple weight plates, they allow you to progressively improve your weight training, and the weights are colour coded so that you can easily identify them.

Our studio barbell set includes a barbell, 2 quick release collars, and 2x 1.25 kg and 2x 5 kg rubber discs that have dual grip and have an anti-roll design. 


Steps are perfect pieces of equipment for cardiovascular training, aerobics, and lower body muscle toning. They’re small, safe, and easy to use, making them ideal for home use.

The Gym Gear Aerobic Step has a compact design and is adjustable from 9 cm to 15 cm to 21 cm. You can also insert risers under the step to tailor it to your specific needs.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are popular pieces of studio gym equipment and are great for weight resistance training, balance, and coordination. 

Our Gym Gear medicine balls are non-slip with a textured surface and can take your workouts to the next level. We have them in sizes 1-10 kg in 1 kg increments.

You can also get medicine balls with handles for when you want to be able to have more control over the ball – this is particularly useful for heavier medicine balls.

Balance Domes

These are really versatile pieces of equipment. You can stand on it, jump on it, and lie on it, and you can turn it over to use it as a platform for press ups, planks, and other types of upper body and core exercises. The world really is your oyster with balance domes.

The BOSU Pro Balance Trainer dome works as a part of a cardio workout and helps you build flexibility, balance, strength, and skills for a range of sports. It has a diameter of 65 cm and maximum user weight of 350 lbs.

Power bands

Whether you’re using them for agility, speed training, or jump resistance, power bands can be an awesome addition to your workout routine.

The Gym Gear power bands come in a range of sizes (from 13 mm to 101 mm) and are durable, and can be used with or without free weights or power racks.

With power bands, you can do a great many exercises, including squats, shoulder presses, straight leg deadlifts, seated rows, standing chest presses, and more.


We sell gym equipment for both commercial gyms and home gyms. Check out the full Gym Gear collection, including studio gym equipment, strength equipment, and cardio equipment by clicking here

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