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Bilton School


Bilton School

Bilton School was established in 1977. Initially formed from separate boys and girls schools, Bilton now educates young people aged 11-18yrs. As an inclusive school, Bilton holds each pupil with equal importance regardless of starting points or aptitude.


The objective of this project was to create a high-quality fitness suite that provided outstanding yet equal opportunities for all students to mirror the school’s overall aim of “providing a high-quality academic curriculum alongside cultural and enriching experiences which will enable each learner to develop into successful, confident adults”.

Gym Design and Planning

The design process was a relatively simple one to undertake with the school having a clear vision of how the fitness suite would look, feel and operate. It was important to create a space that felt inviting but also promoted unique educational experience in a class format.

Equipment Installed

A large range of cardiovascular equipment (T97 Treadmills, X97 Cross Trainers, C97 Upright Bikes, Blade 2.0 Rower, M Sport Magnetic Indoor Bike, Stairmaster Gauntlet) was installed alongside a wide range of Elite Series Resistance Equipment, Elite Series Dual Adjustable Pulley, Sterling Series Power Rack and Adjustable Benches and Urethane Dumbell Set & Rack.


The finished fitness suite provides the students with a wide range of exercise diversion and the opportunity for exercise progression in small increments. It is perfectly set up for large-class sessions in an educational format.



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