Lancashire Home Gym

Lancashire Home Gym


Gym Gear worked with the owner of this home gym to complete a wish list, provide all of the information they required, and to complete an expert gym design with a 3D walkthrough video and images. Our expert gym design service is a great way to show you how your home gym design would look, to give you a feel of the equipment you have chosen, where it would fit into place and how much room you have in your gym.


The objective for this home gym was to create a gym with all of the equipment the owner wanted, whilst keeping the size of the room in mind. After meeting with the homeowner and getting a feel for what they wanted, we went away and began to create their vision in our 3D gym design software. With a dedicated Cardio area and Strength area along with some free weights, rubber flooring and accessories, the gym design was approved by the homeowner and then the installation began.


Equipment Installed

This Lancashire home gym has been installed with 1 x T98 Treadmill, 1 x Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine and 1 x Tornado Airbike in the cardio area. The strength / free weights area includes 1 x Elite Series Dual Adjustable Pulley, 1 x Sterling Series Half Power Rack, 1 x Sterling Series Adjustable Bench, a 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack along with a 2.5-30kg Rubber Dumbbell Set and our 30mm Premium Rubber Flooring Tiles. The other free weight and accessories include our Hi-Impact Bumper Plates with a Premium 7ft Olympic Bar, a Kettlebell Set, a Medicine Ball Set, an Olympic EZ Curl Bar, an Aerobic Step and a 3 in 1 Plyometric Box.



The outcome provides the homeowner with a great home gym including everything that is needed for a good workout. Whether focusing on cardio or strength and conditioning this homeowner has it all in the comfort of their home.

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