Salford Eccles

Following the successful refurbishment of three of their facilities in 2017, Gym Gear was delighted to be selected to work with Salford Community Leisure once again, this time to refresh the cardiovascular offering at their Eccles site ready for 2018!


The goal was to provide new, state of the art equipment that would completely rejuvenate the facility, to give a more premium feel allowing for Salford Leisure to compete with the private gyms and health clubs in the local area.

Equipment Installed

As with all the Salford Leisure facilities we have refurbished, the Eccles site has been kitted out with the best fitness equipment from leading industry brands.
For the most part, Gym Gear was the brand of choice for the cardio zones with a mix of machines providing the variety the trust seeks and to further enhance the equipment offering we also supplied a body composition analyser.


Our stylish, heavy duty and reliable machines have completely transformed the look of the gym and the extensive multimedia capabilities and entertainment functionality of our Performance Series range will provide an unrivalled training experience, which is sure to help motivate and engage users during their workouts.
Salford Leisure wanted to modernise and upgrade their Eccles site to a level that met the same high standard as the rest of exclusive leisure facilities and we have certainly achieved this.

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