Skelmersdale Police HQ

Skelmersdale Police HQ


We are delighted to have recently worked with Skelmersdaler Police on a new fitness facility at their headquarters. Initially, we had a consultation where we gathered information such as equipment they were looking at getting and room dimensions for our gym designs.

Gym Design:

Once we had a list of equipment in mind we used the room dimensions to create a 3D render of the room with the suggested gym equipment inside. This allowed us to see exactly what the gym would look like and how well the equipment fit inside the building. When our 3D design was complete we took a range of 3D design layout images and a 3D Walkthrough video to send to the Skelmersdale Police manager. This allowed them to check over the designs and to amend anything. Once the 3D designs had been approved, we continued onto our delivery and installation stage.

Delivery and Installation:

A range of equipment was delivered and installed at Skelmersdale Police HQ including Cardio Equipment, Strength Equipment and Free Weights. Cardio equipment delivered and installed included a T98 Treadmill, 2 x M Sport Indoor Bikes and a RowErg. Strength and Free weights delivered and installed includes a Perform Series 4 Stack Multi Jungle, a Sterling Series Half Power Rack, a Pro Series Olympic Flat Bench, An Elite Series Multi Adjustable Bench, 2 x Standard 7ft Olympic Bars, an Olympic EZ Curl Bar, Standard Black Olympic Plates, a Hex Dumbbell Set with a 3 Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack and an Olympic Plate Rack with Bar Holders.


The outcome for this gym is a fantastic facility for all of the employees at Skelmersdale Police HQ to train and stay fit in their spare time. The range of equipment in the facility means there is something suitable for everyone’s training needs.

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