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Commercial Upright Bikes

We’re proud to have created a fantastic range of premium upright exercise bikes for commercial gyms.  The Gym Gear range of bikes is designed to meet the requirements of every user and also facility type. All of our bikes have been designed with the user in mind – easy to use, durable and reliable. Our upright bikes are compact and have self-generating power systems for the standard LED display machines, making them ideal solutions for your facility, whether it’s a membership gym, a hotel gym, a school gym, an office gym, or a home gym. Our upright bike range includes: Encore Upright Bike C98e Entertainment Upright Bike C98s Sport Upright Bike C97 Upright Bike An exercise bike can give its users an excellent cardio workout. They strengthen leg muscles and core muscles and can be used in both sitting and standing positions. An upright exercise bike is an incredibly popular piece of equipment, due to its many range of benefits, such as the low impact on joints, so we highly recommend that gym owners invest in a selection of quality upright bikes to meet their consumers’ needs. Click here to view our full collection of cardio equipment at Gym Gear. Browse our website to see the other types of gym equipment we stock, including strength equipmentstudio gym equipmentfunctional training equipment, and mats and gym flooring.

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