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HIIT Training



HIIT Training

Gym Gear is delighted to stock a fantastic selection of HIIT training equipment for commercial gyms. Our HIIT training equipment is of excellent quality and is able to withstand high impact over and over again. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has exploded onto the fitness scene in the past few years. This is a type of cardio exercise that involves high-intensity exercise for short periods followed by short intervals. The most common purposes of HIIT training are to make the most out of a gym session, burn calories faster, and improve VO2 max. In our HIIT training range, we have: Pursuit 2.0 bike Curve 2.0 PLUS Treadmill SpeedFit Curved Treadmill Watt Bike Pro/Trainer Ascend 2.0 Tornado Airbike Tornado Airbike (Black Edition) Blade 2.0 Runner StairMaster Gauntlet Model D Indoor Rower Ski Erg Concept2 SkiErg Floor Stand XPO Trainer All of this equipment is great for HIIT training and can be used by gym-goers of all abilities. The Gym Gear HIIT range is simple to set up and use, which means you don’t have to spend large amounts of time trying to start the equipment between intervals. Browse our full range of cardio equipment for commercial gyms, hotel gyms, school gyms, and office gyms here.

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