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Stair Climber

Gym Gear is delighted to offer commercial gyms and home gyms stair climbers as part of our quality range of cardio equipment. Stair climbers simulate the motion of climbing a flight of stairs, with makeshift stairs revolving as you walk on the spot. Stair climbers are great for improving endurance and stamina, burning calories, and building leg muscles.  Gym Gear stocks 2 types of stair climbers: Jacobs Ladder X The Jacobs Ladder X gives users an intense stair-climbing workout. It’s a great piece of equipment for professional athletes and seasoned gym-goers. The higher you climb, the faster the rungs go. It has 4 climbing positions and the display screen shows calories burnt, elapsed time, total feet climbed, intensity level, and rate (Ft/Min). The self-powered Jacobs Ladder X, when assembled, has the dimensions of L 203.5 x W 77.5 (without cup holders) 94.6 (with cup holders) x H 176.5 cm. StairMaster Gauntlet The StairMaster Gauntlet is an excellent piece of cardio equipment. This stair climber has a deep, wide surface, and durable, rust-free polypropylene construction, making it easy to keep clean. It has 20 levels of intensity and the display screen shows pulse, calories burned, watts, time, speed, and distance. When assembled, the StairMaster Gauntlet has the dimensions of L 86.4 x W 147.3 x H 228.6 cm and has a maximum user weight capacity of 158.8 kg. Browse our full range of cardiovascular equipment here and request a quote

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