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Benches & Racks



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Benches & Racks

We have a fantastic collection of benches and racks in our premium strength training equipment range.

Our benches & racks include products from Sterling Series, Elite Series, and Pro Series. In our benches & racks selection, we have some iconic pieces, including:

Sterling Series, Smith Machine / Half Rack Combo

Sterling Series, Multi Hyper Extension

Sterling Series, Elite Power Rack

Sterling Series, Elite Half Rack + Half Rack

Elite Series, Multi Adjustable Bench

Elite Series, Vertical Knee Raise

Pro Series, Olympic Incline Bench

Sterling Series, Glute Ham Bench

Sterling Series, Adjustable Bench

These are just a handful of the products in the benches and racks collection – browse the full range.

All of our strength is top-quality and can be used by people of all fitness levels. Our strength training collection is durable and premium-quality perfect for a commercial gym setting, a home gym setting, and for rehabilitation clinics.

We recommend that all commercial gym owners should choose a varied range of strength equipment, including benches and racks. Gym users will expect a quality, varied range of equipment for their workouts.

View our full range of commercial strength equipment at Gym Gear and request a quote by clicking here.

To see our full selection of gym equipment for commercial gyms and home gyms, take a look around our website. Browse our cardio equipmentstudio equipmentfunctional training equipment, and mats and gym flooring collections.

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