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125kg Rubber Olympic Bar & Plate Set

This 125kg Rubber Olympic Bar & Plate Set is perfect for any fitness facility. Including our Gym Gear Standard, Olympic Bar which is ideal for intensive, impact-based exercises including the Olympic lifts and Cross-Fit style training. Also including The Gym Gear Rubber Olympic Weight Plates are ideal for general weight training, plate loaded equipment, prowlers and much more and a pair of Spring Collars.

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125kg Rubber Olympic Disc and Bar Set includes:

1 x 7ft Standard Olympic Bar (20kg) 1 x pair of Spring Collars Rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Weight plates: 2 x 20kg, 15kg, 10kg, 5kg & 2.5kg,      The Standard Olympic bar is the perfect tool for developing the body’s ability to lift the raw weight while targeting multiple muscle groups.

Standard Olympic Bar Product Features:

  • 700lbs weight capacity
  • Hardened chrome finish
  • 28mm diameter grip
  • 37-inch internal dimensions
  • Integrated cap design
  • Bar Weight: 20kg (7ft) 15kg (6ft) 12.8kg (5ft)
    Our Rubber Olympic Plates are designed to make lifting and loading weights onto bars easier. The premium rubber casing provides an aesthetic finish, improves durability and protects floors/plates. The unique triple grip design allows for easy and safe handling, integrated separators eliminate “nipped” fingers during loading/ removing weights and the steel inner ring allows the weight to slide on/ off the Olympic bar easily.  Rubber Olympic Plate Product Features
  • Popular ‘classic’ design
  • Vibrant weight markings
  • Cast iron encapsulated in durable rubber
  • Triple handle feature improves grip/ handling and allows exercise flexibility
  • Separator creates a gap for easy access
  • Rubber coating protects equipment and floors
  • Rubber coating protects against rust
  • Rubber coating reduces impact noise
  • Stainless steel inner ring allows for effortless loading on and off Olympic bars

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1 x 7ft Standard Olympic Bar (20kg)

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