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Pro Series Plate Loaded, Leverage Squat/Calf Raise

This versatile line of strength equipment offers effective weight training solutions to maximise even the most compact spaces. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a complete beginner, all pieces in the Pro Series Plate Loaded range are designed to offer a quick, straightforward and easy-access workout.

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The specially designed Pro Series Plate Loaded Leverage Squat/Calf Raise allows the user to train their Gluteus Maximus, Gastrocnemius Muscle and Soleus. With angled weight storage for easy loading/unloading of weight plates and smooth pivot movement to provide the user with the utmost comfort during training.  

Key Features:

  • Simple structure with a small area footprint. It greatly reduces the floor area required while ensuring stability
  • The starting release handle is spring loaded to automatically rebound so that after the user starts the handle, the support structure in the middle, will automatically remain within the controllable range of the user’s hand.
  • The rounded corner of the shoulder pad ergonomically designed to improve the users comfort while training.
  • Double Angle shoulder pads prevent the user’s shoulders from sliding
  • The starting height can be adjusted to meet the needs of users of different heights

Size & Spec



Product Weight


Assembled Size

L 1490#x W 1445 x H 1550mm

Loading Capacity


Applicable Height Range


Maximum User Weight



Adjustable starting height to meet the user’s requirements

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