Standard Olympic EZ Curl Bar

The Gym Gear EZ Curl Olympic bar is specifically angled to isolate and develop the bicep, tricep and forearm muscles, whilst reducing stress on the wrists. The rugged steel construction guarantees a solid, secure feel with every repetition.

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Looking to enhance your bicep curls, tricep extensions, and overall upper body strength training? Look no further than our Standard Olympic EZ Bar – the perfect blend of ergonomic design and durability for your lifting needs. The sectional knurled handles increase the grip, comfort and safety of your workout, and the rotational bar removes stress from the wrists, elbows and back. Compatible with Olympic-sized weight plates, this EZ bar opens up a world of possibilities for progressive resistance. Easily load and secure your plates, so you can take your lifts to new heights.

Product features:
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Rotating Sleeves – Copper bushings
  • 700lbs weight capacity
  • Chrome finish
  • 28mm diameter grip
  • Integrated cap design
  • Bar Weight: 10kg
  • Bar Length: 120cm
  • Sleeve Length – 18cm / Sleeve Diameter 2″


Size & Spec




Total Bar Length 120cm, distance between sleeves 80cm, sleeve length 18cm, Sleeve Diameter 2″

Product Weight

10kg / 22lbs

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