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Spice up your Treadmill Workout

Spice up your Treadmill Workout

Treadmill workouts can be dull, especially if you just get on and run aimlessly every time you hit the gym. To truly utilise the machine and reach your goals here is a few ideas to spice things up a little.


Treadmills are great for working on your running/walking form. Even if you are not a keen runner, improving your technique can reduce your chance of injury. Whilst running/walking think about being tall with relaxed shoulders. Drive your arms in a straight line motion. (This should help engage your back muscles.) Think about lengthening your stride and landing lightly on your feet. Spending a little time focusing on these things will make your movement more efficient & more comfortable.


After a steady 5 minute walk or jog, set the incline to where it feels challenging. Walk or run as hard as possible for 1 or 2 minutes (depending on your fitness) then ease the incline down and walk again for 2 minutes. Then repeat at least 5 times. Working on an incline will boost your strength & endurance.

HIIT Sprints

This is a real high-intensity treadmill workout, but it can be done at a fast walk pace dependant on your fitness level.

If you are going to be sprinting then I suggest trying putting your feet to the side of the belt whilst you speed it up. (Please be careful the first time you try this, it’s probably worth a few practice runs before you begin the session. Place your feet on the ledges at either side of the belt and ramp up the speed of the treadmill to a speed at which you know you can run at, otherwise you could end up being thrown off the back. Once the treadmill is up to speed hold onto the hand bars for support and lower your feet onto the belt. Complete the required interval and then again place your hands on the bars for support and move your feet onto the side ledges for your rest periods.

The HIIT Sprint workout itself is 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest. To create a more challenging workout try reducing the rest period down to 20 seconds and if you are super fit reduce it to 10 seconds between reps. The Gym Gear T98e treadmill has an integrated touchscreen console which will keep you engaged throughout all your treadmill workouts and even has a HIIT programme built in.

Top Tip

Be sure to do a full stretch session prior to this workout. Paying particular attention to your calves as they will have worked hard for you in this session.


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