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Why Your Choice of Flooring in the Gym is Important

From dropping weights to running, jumping and even just footfall, gym floors take a big beating over time. To protect you, your equipment and your floors, it’s best to get a good gym flooring installed.

Gym flooring comes in different shapes, sizes and materials, but it’s most common that you’ll come across rubber gym flooring. To find out about the different types of gym flooring you can get, read our Gym Flooring Buying Guide.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be looking at why flooring is so important for any type of gym, from safety and cleanliness to noise reduction and even smell control. 


For Commercial Gyms

Gym flooring can look great and give your gym a really professional feel. But, first and foremost, it comes down to one thing: safety.

There is an abundance of benefits to having proper flooring. For example, a flooring that absorbs shock can prevent ligament damage and repetitive strain injury. Also, non-slip flooring prevents all kinds of injuries, from falls to dropped equipment. 

As well as safety, getting high quality gym flooring installed makes your gym easier to maintain and reduces odour. Most gym flooring materials (e.g. rubber, vinyl, wood, mats, lifting platforms) are really easy to clean and they’re not absorbent, so they don’t carry bacteria from sweat.

Proper gym flooring can also help reduce noise. Sound insulation flooring like rubber tiles and vinyl reduce the sound of the impact of heavy equipment being dropped.


For Home Gyms

The benefits of gym flooring for commercial gyms are mostly the same for home gyms, too.

But you may think that, because your home gym is of a lesser scale than a commercial gym, you don’t need gym flooring. It’s still important. Your floors at home are likely going to be less durable than those of a gym. Plus, it will protect you and your equipment.

You might not need the same type of flooring as a gym (depending on what equipment you use) but you can still get quality studio gym mats for your home gym. There are lots of different mats available, including:

You can also get this Sports Mat Hanger. This is easy to install and is great for home gym storage because it keeps your mats off the floor and out of the way when you’re not using them.

Getting mats for your home gym is a great idea. But there’s no reason why you can’t get commercial-quality gym flooring installed, either.


Where to Buy

We sell high quality mats gym flooring for both home gyms and commercial gyms. We offer premium rubber tiles, vinyl flooring, sled tracks, lifting platforms and premium studio mats. To see our full range of gym flooring options for commercial gyms and home gyms, click here.

To learn more about fitness, including training equipment, exercise and health and nutrition, take a look around our blog.

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