All About The Rhino G4 Strength System

The Gym Gear team loves to celebrate the excellent gym equipment out there and today we’re championing a strength system that seems to do it all.

The Rhino Series G4 is an epic piece of gym equipment, perfect for commercial gyms and high-end home gyms. It can give its users a full body workout in a safe setting and offers them a wide range of workouts.

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the Rhino G4 Strength System., including its features and the exercises you can do with it. 


You can perform over 100 exercises with the Rhino G4 Strength System, whether you’re in a commercial gym or a home gym. This is a high-quality, sturdy strength system that can be easily used by both beginners and professionals. With safety spotter arms, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll be secure and safe while working out.

Multi Grip Chin Up Bar

The Rhino G4 Strength System has an integrated multi grip chin up bar. On this bar, you can do a number of pull-up grips. You can also use it to hang suspension trainers.  

Cable Crossover

The cable crossover and adjustable pulleys are perhaps the most-loved aspects of this strength system. These aircraft grade cables can hold up to 909 kg. They can be used to build and tone pectoral muscles and the overall chest area.

Smith Machine

The Smith Machine has a lock and release system on the spotter catches. This helps to keep users safe during a workout, even if they’re alone.

This Smith Machine should only be used with Olympic plates, the J-hooks and spotter catches have a polymer coating to protect the bar.

Power Rack

The power rack has adjustable spotter arms. They help keep users safe when they don’t have someone to spot them and allows them to carry out a variety of exercises with weights. It can hold up to 450 kg in weight, is designed to step up the user’s squats, bench presses, overhead presses, and more.

When the power rack isn’t in action, users can store their Olympic bars in an allocated area at the back of the Rhino G4 Strength System.

Core Trainer (a.k.a. the Landmine Attachment)

The core trainer is an attachment that helps with lower body and upper body exercises when using Olympic Plates. It also help with rotational torso exercises.

There’s a T-bar attachment included. Users can connect it to the end of their Olympic bar so that they can train their core with rowing exercises.   

Dip Station

The dip station allows you to focus your efforts on your chest, triceps, core, and shoulders through dip exercises. There are two dip attachment arms in this strength system and they have dual grip handles.

We highly recommend the Rhino G4 Strength System. To find out more about the top-quality gym equipment that Gym Gear offers, take a look around our website.