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The Gym Flooring Buying Guide

Whether you’re buying gym flooring for a commercial or home gym, there are some things you need to consider. How big is your space? What is it being used for? Is aesthetic important to you? And what is your budget?

With so many different options out there, it can be tough to decide on gym flooring. So, we’ve written this handy guide to buying gym flooring, taking you through tiles, sprint tracks, and more.

Rubber Tiles, Vinyl Tiles & Turf

Our premium rubber floor tiles come in 20 mm and 30 mm, both of which lock together with hidden plastic connectors and are made of 100% recycled rubber.

The 20 mm rubber floor tiles offer a strong protection against kettlebells and other light weights being dropped on the floor. This makes them an excellent choice for functional training areas and home gyms. The 30 mm rubber floor tiles are sturdier than their 20 mm counterparts, making them great for areas where free weights are endlessly dropped. Both the 20 mm and 30 mm rubber flooring tiles reduce the impact of weight being dropped and reduce noise dramatically from the impact.

Vinyl gym flooring not only looks the part, it’s also really easy to keep clean. This Karndean Design flooring will look gorgeous in a reception area, in a studio, in cardio areas, or in hallways. It has a 15 year warranty and is really durable. 

Turf tiling is another really popular type of gym flooring. The Gym Gear turf tiling is 30 mm in thickness, with 10 mm being made up of an artificial grass top layer. The 20 mm section is made up of a thick shock-absorbing base. It’s easy to clean and can be used for functional training and free weights areas. Turf tiling is also appropriate for sled/prowler tracks.

Lifting platforms

Lifting platforms are used to protect your flooring from heavy weights and they’re used in most professional lifting scenarios. 

The Sterling Series Integrated Lifting Platform is made with 3.5mm heavy grade 100 mm x 60 mm steel uprights and can be paired with the Sterling Series Full Power Rack.

Sprint Tracks

Incorporating sprint tracks into your gym gives your clients an allocated, appropriate space to sprint, or carry out plyo work, tyre work, functional work, and sled pulling and pushing.

Sprint tracks should be applied to flat, clean floors. They usually come with two adhesive options: glue or double sided tape. Both of these options prevent slipping, but glue can damage the floor when you decide to remove the sprint track.

Our Gym Gear sprint track is dense, durable, and easy to clean with a vacuum. It has double-sided tape on the bottom so that it can be installed easily and can be up to 50 m long.

Studio Mats

Studio mats are to be used on top of permanent gym flooring to keep gym-goers comfortable during their workouts. These mats are easy to store and easy to clean, making them low maintenance, useful additions to gyms.

The type of mats you’ll need will differ depending on the type of workouts your clients prefer. Thinner mats can be used to support floor work such as crunches with an extra level of comfort. Thicker mats can be used to support more vigorous activities such as acro gymnastics.

The Vinyl Studio Mat is 10 mm in thickness and is made from polyester resin. It features two holes for hanging on a sports mat hanger to make storage easier.

The 25 mm Large Stretch Mat is lightweight, durable, and easy to wipe clean. They can be used to support a wide variety of fitness activities and are easily stackable.

We hope this gym flooring buying guide has given you some pointers on how to build a gym floor to meet your specific needs. Gym Gear offers a huge range of top-quality gym equipment for both commercial and home gyms – browse our website to see what we have in stock. 

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