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Max Grip Cable Attachments (Set of 8)

Maximize your weight-training with our Gym Gear Max Grip cable attachment set, ideal for cable machines. The vinyl-coated design ensures a comfortable grip, while the stainless steel eyelet provides durability and rust resistance.

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Enhance your weight-training experience with our Max Grip cable attachment set. This set of 8 attachments includes everything you need for cable exercises. Coated in a durable vinyl outer layer, which offers the right amount of friction giving a comfortable grip. The stainless steel eyelet is durable and will ensure it remains rust-free. The handles have been ergonomically designed to reduce joint strain, while also improving your overall grip and isolating the muscles you are trying to work.


  • Set of 8 Cable Attachments:
    • Pulldown/Row Bars – 1.Wide Grip (W83cm) 2. Medium Neutral Grip (W61cm) 3. Medium Supinate Grip (W58cm).
    • Triceps/Biceps Bars – 1.Wide Triceps Press Down Grip (W40cm) 2. Standard Width Triceps Press Down Grip (W36cm) 3. Biceps Grip (W36cm)
    • Seated Row Bars – 1. Close Pronate Grip (W31.3cm) 2. Close Supinate Grip (W31.2cm)
  • Material: Steel covered with a Durable Vinyl outer covering providing excellent grip properties with comfort. Stainless Steel Rust Resistant Eyelet.

Size & Spec



Dimensions and Weight

1.Wide Grip Pulldown 3.74kg (W83cm x H16.6cm) 2. Medium Neutral Grip Pulldown 3.1kg (W61cm x H18.5cm) 3. Medium Supinate Grip Pulldown 2.93kg (W58cm x H16.5cm) 4. Wide Triceps Press Down Grip 3.2kg (W40cm x H14cm) 5. Standard Width Triceps Press Down Grip 2.85kg (W36cm x H14cm) 6. Biceps Grip 2.85kg (W36cm x H14cm) 7. Close Pronate Grip 2.68kg (W31.3cm x H18cm) 8. Close Supinate Grip 2.5kg (W31.2cm x H15cm)

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