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AFC Fylde


AFC Fylde


Gym Gear has recently been working with AFC Fylde on a new gym facility for their training ground. We were given a wish list of equipment for a started point with a range of equipment they would like to have in their gym. We supplied them with all of the information for the products that they had chosen including product specifications, warranty, servicing, delivery and installation information. Once the list of equipment had been authorised we continued with our design stage.

Gym Design

Room dimensions were given to us so that we could use our 3D design software to replicate the room. We created 3D visual designs with the list of chosen equipment laid out in the room. The 3D images and videos allowed AFC Fylde to see how the equipment they had chosen would be laid out and exactly how much room they have for movement around the gym. Our 3D designs were sent off to be checked and approved, allowing AFC Fylde to change any equipment they felt wasn’t appropriate for their gym facility, or to change the layout if they were not happy with it. Once the 3D designs were finalised we then continued onto our delivery and installation stage.

Delivery and Installation

A range of our equipment was installed at AFC Fylde from Cardio through to Flooring. Cardio equipment installed included our Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine, an M Sport Indoor Bike and a Wattbike. Strength Equipment installed includes 2 Sterling Series Half Power Racks, a Sterling Series Olympic Flat Bench, a Sterling Series Leg Press, an Elite Series Leg Extension / Leg Curl and a Land Mine Core Trainer. Free Weights and Accessories included a 1.5m Modular Storage Rack, a Dumbbell Set, Black Bumper Plates, Standard Olympic Bars, a Performance Bag Set, a Kettlebell Set, Deep Tissue Foam Rollers, A Prowler Sled and Suspension Trainers. The whole facility was finished off with our 20mm & 30mm Premium Black Rubber Flooring Tiles, our Premium Rubber Edges and a Blue 10m x 1.5m Sprint Track.


The outcome of this installation is a fantastic new gym facility for AFC Fylde’s members to train and work out. There is something suitable for everyone from Cardio to Strength. The AFC Fylde manager and Trainer can now supervise their members whilst training, can push them to their limits and motivate them throughout their training sessions.


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