All About the Rhino Pro Strength System

The Rhino Pro Strength System is an incredible piece of gym equipment. It’s one of our latest and most exciting additions to the Gym Gear roster. This is perfect for commercial gyms, high-end home gyms, personal training studios, fire training gyms and school gyms not only because of its quality, but because of its space-saving […]

All About The Rhino G4 Strength System

The Gym Gear team loves to celebrate the excellent gym equipment out there and today we’re championing a strength system that seems to do it all. The Rhino Series G4 is an epic piece of gym equipment, perfect for commercial gyms and high-end home gyms. It can give its users a full body workout in […]

The Gym Flooring Buying Guide

Whether you’re buying gym flooring for a commercial or home gym, there are some things you need to consider. How big is your space? What is it being used for? Is aesthetic important to you? And what is your budget? With so many different options out there, it can be tough to decide on gym […]

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Olympic Plates For Your Home Gym

Building a home gym can require a lot of planning. From making the best use of your space to making sure that you have the right equipment to reach your fitness goals, there’s so much to think about.  Olympic plates, a type of weight plate, can be an awesome option for home gyms for many […]

Plyo Boxes… Not just for Plyos

Plyo Boxes… Not just for Plyos Plyometrics, also known as plyos or jump training, includes a range of exercises which cause muscles to exert their maximum force over a short period of time. The idea behind the pylometric box is that you jump up, over or onto the box, (and back down again) in an […]

Guernsey runners break 4 world records on the Gym Gear T97 Treadmills!

Five athletes in Guernsey have run almost 700 miles combined on T97 treadmills for charity. Warren Mauger and Philip Smith started the EPIC48 challenge in Market Square last week and ran for 48 hours solidly. They were joined by a number of other runners including UK athletes Robert Young, Adam Holland and Abi Schofield. Within […]

Tornado Airbike : Product Review

I have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating the Gym Gear Tornado Airbike into my HIIT Workout sessions. The dual action design means I am able to isolate my arms or legs, (especially useful when resting an injured knee) but also incorporate the full body when I want a full body blast HIIT session. If you are short […]

Squat Racks: Set Up, How to Use Them, and How They Can Benefit Your Fitness

In strength training, squat racks are durable, versatile tools that can be used by professional bodybuilders, beginners, and everyone in between. Squat racks give trainers the best of strength training, with a number of different exercises available for this piece of equipment.  They’re metal frames with moveable bars designed to hold olympic barbells at your […]